Marie McGovern - Co-owner & Founder

Marie is the creator and executive producer of the innovative Showtime series 3AM.

The inspiration for the series came from her time as New York Daily News Assignment Editor. Part of her daily responsibility was monitoring and assessing what news events had happened through the night.

Marie's media experience covers all areas of journalism: newspapers, radio and television. But it has also encompassed the business side of the industry, giving her a unique understanding of the value of content creation.

'When we decided to launch StreetSmartVideo I was excited by the opportunity to develop stories in film. With ever-changing developments in technology, the demand for material – for TV and the Internet - is greater than ever. We have the opportunity to use our journalism skills to develop ideas for a wide variety of media. But we know that behind everything we do, there has to be a compelling story. We concentrate on finding those stories."

Martin Dunn