Martin Dunn - Co-owner & Founder

In a career on two continents, Martin has worked at the highest level for some of the world's biggest media companies. Whether in Britain or the United States, he has an unwavering belief in the power of character-driven stories.

"The most complicated issues can always be explained if they are told through the prism of real people's experiences. People are fascinated by people."

As Editor-in-Chief of newspapers in London, Boston and New York, he led publications to award-winning success. Under his leadership, Today newspaper in the UK became Newspaper of the Year and the New York Daily News won two Pulitzer Prizes, the industry's highest accolade.

"I love working in an industry with creativity at its heart. When Marie and I founded StreetSmartVideo, we concentrated on bringing our creative talent to all media, whether it was short-form video for the Internet or developing multi-episode projects for television.

"We pride ourselves on having the imagination to find compelling stories in a wide variety of subjects and have the skills to bring those stories to life."

Martin Dunn