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Street Smart Video is a company that does exactly what it says - creating smart video on the streets of New York City. We work with some of the biggest media companies in America to create high quality video for Internet, broadcast, video or mobile. Our producers and videographers create compelling video content and our executives understand how to tailor content for any client. We know what makes New York City tick and we now how to bring its myriad of stories to life. Click on the video on the left to see examples of our latest work and check out our New York channel on You Tube here.


About Us

Street Smart Video is a leading producer of video and B-roll about New York City. Our content captures the flavor of the streets and covers all five boroughs. Our B-roll archive is driven by journalism and creativity. Street Smart Video marries outstanding creativity with new technology to produce great content, building a business to take advantage of multiple distribution channels with consideration of the financial strictures of today’s market. Most importantly, we have the flexibility to bring creative skills to any video project.


Story-Driven B-Roll

Street Smart Video has built an impressive archive of quintessential New York scenes and interviews. It is driven by journalism principles. Our B-roll can enhance and inspire stories. Our library is growing on a week-by-week basis and already includes thousands of clips that can be used as the basis for new stories or to augment existing productions. Clips are available on a licensed basis. To view the categories and explore the content, please click below or which our highlights reel to the left.


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